Well-being for you, someone in need, and the planet

This is where it all began:

I used to think that taking a multivitamin daily was like having faith in something that can’t be seen because there is usually no succinct benefit experienced.

I grew up on Flintstones vitamins, which I only happily took because it was like having candy, even if it wasn’t a very good “candy.”

When I became an adult, despite being surrounded by many different supplements that our company sold, I never took them regularly. If I couldn’t feel a benefit then I was not interested.

I love research and data, and most done on the effects of multi’s don’t overwhelmingly show to have a positive effect on our health. Yet in a 2012 study of 21,000 people, 30% self-reported feeling better overall health than those who do not take supplements.

So now that ARTEMIDA is here, why would I choose our first product to be a multivitamin?

I view it as the essential base supplement providing vitamins and minerals that our bodies may be lacking. Plus my goal was to curate something that I would actually want to take myself. Because why wouldn’t I want to be part of that 30% who felt better overall health?

For me, the perfect multivitamin would have to have more than just the same old ingredients. It had to be one that caused my skeptical mind to stop in its tracks and reconsider what I believed.

ARTEMIDA and its blends

It would need to have blends. I love blends in supplements. I mean who doesn’t, right?

Blends are like little gifts beautifully wrapped within the main gift.

Once our multivitamin was ready to try, I began taking it everyday with an open mind. As much as I wanted to “feel” something, I wasn’t counting on it.

Now that I have been taking it for a few months, I couldn’t be happier with my choice to offer a multivitamin as our first product. ARTEMIDA SYNERGY is a gift to myself and now to you. Not only can you feel good knowing you are doing something to promote your own well-being, there are two additional feel-good benefits.

How we give back through each purchase

First, when you acquire our multi, you are helping someone in need because a portion of the price you pay is donated to charity.

Second, the beauty of ARTEMIDA SYNERGY is contained in plastic-free packaging. So not only are you contributing to your own well-being, you are helping to preserve the well-being of the beautiful earth.

ARTEMIDA SYNERGY truly is the gift that keeps on giving.

Try it for yourself and let us know if you agree. Here is the link to our online shop.


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