The personal story behind ARTEMIDA

Working on this brand was always effortless and made me feel so alive. Recently I could give you a dozen reasons as to why I had zero time to devote to it. But the real reason is that I have a deep-seated fear of being judged. A fear so strong that it was preventing me from doing something I absolutely love.

When I talk about ARTEMIDA, it’s as if she is a real woman. The kind of woman who has it all figured out, radiating confidence as she walks through life with such immense grace and ease.

As the founder, do people believe I’ve got it all figured out? That I go through each day with grace, ease and confidence?

The thought of that actually makes me chuckle.

ARTEMIDA is who I aspire to be.

The word graceful would not come to mind if you were to watch me getting in and out of the car. I can’t even talk on my cell phone and walk at the same time. I’ve been divorced and remarried, resulting in a blended family of five boys under the age of 10, three of which are mine. To say the last few years have been very stressful, would be an understatement.

My oldest doesn’t like to leave the house, yet miraculously started college this summer as a freshman, seven hours away from home. He is doing amazing but still struggling. My youngest son was recently Baker Acted (never should have been) and it took hiring an attorney to have him released. The “Act” is sadly flawed with its one size fits all rules, and insurance fraud is rampant in the facility he was placed in. My middle son struggles emotionally also, but when asked, he will say “I’m fine”.

Since I was a child, I’ve always felt “so deeply” and had a very difficult time containing my emotions. I have had hundreds of hours of talk therapy; started and stopped multiple anti-depressants, none of which helped; read many books searching for answers to all of my “why” questions; poured myself into oracle and energy cards, and even became obsessed with a pendulum.

A few years ago, I was diagnosed with ADD, which no doubt I had when I was a child, and am very thankful for the doctor who finally figured it out. Even though the medication has greatly improved my daily productivity, it doesn’t work miracles.

In the past year I stopped talk therapy, went to a retreat in Costa Rica where I participated in four Ayahuasca ceremonies, and came across books that I feel have finally begun to answer my “why” questions.

I’m starting to feel like I understand our purpose here on earth.

My family has noticed a significant, positive improvement in my well-being and I definitely feel as if I am a different person.

The vast improvement I’ve experienced has allowed me to focus on my boys and their needs unlike I could have in the past, and the interaction between my husband and I could be described as nothing short of amazing.

ARTEMIDA is comprised of a team of like-minded women seeking the Truth and searching for ways to improve our lives and in turn, the lives of those around us, while helping to preserve our beautiful earth at the same time. 

We’ve always maintained that we’re not experts. Our goal is to simply share what resonates with us, or has helped us grow, while creating a community of women who want to do the same.

I love everything about us, including how we aren’t your typical supplement company.

So, I keep asking the question… why am I letting fear become a problem that prevents me from sharing ARTEMIDA with the world?

Maybe the answer is that ARTEMIDA is the exact solution to my problem.

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